My English Exam Talking About Super Junior

at TEXAS today for exam :


Mr : Tell me something about you
Me : (just thinking)
Mr : Hurry up
Me : what must i say Mr… hyaaa Mr 😥 i can’t
Mr : hurry up Dyaaaah~ .. one day..
Me : one day..
Mr : One day what huh?? Come on !
Me : One day… mmm .. ah ~ One day i become a fangirl
Mr : Fangirl? what’s that ?
Me : fans of boy group mr~~~~
Mr : BoyBand?
Me : yes
Mr : Who?
Mr : woaaa ~ Suju? they are from korea right?
Me : yep ! (?)
Mr : why do you like them?
Me : i don’t know Mr, i don’t have a special reason :^)
Mr : How much the person in that group?
Me : 15 ! but now 13
Mr : woaaa~ so many. why the 2 of member out?
Me : i think, it’s because they are have a problem with their company
Mr : oh~ i see. since when you become a fans of SUPER JUNIOR ?
Me : One years ago u,u~
Mr : can you singing their song?
Me : yes!
Mr : sing now !!
Me : what??
Mr : sing now :p
Me : (singing ‘sorry sorry’) XD
Mr : haha~ okay thats enough! you are done now ^^
Me : Really?? thank you Mr .. bye ^^

wish my score will be great because i’m talking about that ! my lucky~ SUPER JUNIOR >,<


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